Hope As The Mayor Shows Interest In The First London Timbre Skyscraper

There has been a lot of talk going on between all the cities regarding the first London’s timber tower but this at a point it was looking quite impossible that this skyscraper is ever going to be built. But the hopes of the peoples of the London stay alive as the plan of the first London timber building is presented to the mayor and now all the eyes are on the mayor of the London and most of the peoples are expecting that the mayor will surely approve the plan and that beautiful infrastructure is going to be built.


Plan Of The London First Timber Skyscraper

London’s first wood tower came building came a little bit more close to reality this week after researchers and the builder presented Mayor of London Boris Johnson with its conceptual and infrastructure plan. And according to that plan this massive skyscraper will consist of a large height and it will be composed of 80-storeys. This plan was presented to the mayor by the some of the top Researchers from Cambridge University and they team up with senior engineers and architects to work up plans for a 300m high wood building installed within the Barbican. They mentioned in their plan that this timber building will be the largest building in the world which will break the record of the present world’s tallest timber building which is a 14-storey apartment block located in Bergen, Norway.


Some Problems Of The Wood Structure

The biggest problem for a wood frame building of as high as 17 stories has a definite risk of fire but the engineers and architects argued that the building which we are trying to build would exceed every actual fire threat currently in place for steel and concrete buildings. As compared to this the research team argued and described the potential benefits of the building such as reduced costs and improved construction time and important reduction in the overall weight and strength of buildings. The conceptual proposal which is currently being developed would add over 1,000 new residential units in a 1 million sq ft high and 17 stories tall building.

This building will add great value to the beauty of the London. Therefore, it is of very far importance and the peoples of London will back this infrastructure.

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