Where ever you are in the world at some point during the year there will be an annual marathon that not just people from your country will run, but also running enthusiasts and charity fundraisers from around the globe will come and run. Since they first started marathons have become increasingly popular with people training constantly to take them on.

Some of the biggest marathons around the world are; The London marathon in April, New York City marathon in November, the Boston marathon in April, the Paris marathon in April and the Berlin marathon in September. It s hard for to say what the best marathons to run are as it s all down to each individual s personal experience, but you can guarantee that you will have a different experience on each marathon you run.

On 7mm.org you can find out about some of the top voted marathons; what to expect, other people s experiences, travel deals you are able to get and much more. On 7mm.org you can also read about some amazing fundraising running projects, including Eddie Izzards 43 marathons in 51 days challenge for 2010 s Sports Relief.

Running is not just a hobbie but also a great form of exercise and weight loss. It's important to build up training slowly and have the correct equipment and clothing. It's also very important to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated before during and after your run - sports drinks and energy drinks are available to buy but if not just good quality water.

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